So Close, and yet So Far

When Unico and Goodman Real Estate are done with the construction of their apartments there will be over 350 people living off Dravus Street.  The outcome is the first phase of Interbay from a primarily industrial area into an affordable and ideal place for people who would rather get around on a bus, bike or their own two feet.  They will have two green belts a block away, a grocery store across the street, rapid ride bus service a few steps away, and the Ship Canal Bike Trail…….. almost a mile away. 

Of course if you are heading downtown you can link up to the Interbay Trail that takes you to Elliott Bay Park and the waterfront, but what if you want to go north to connect to the Burke Gilman Trail, or east to Lake Union and all points beyond?


You can take your life into your hands and cross over 15th Ave. W. and merge with cars coming together at a five points interchange at Nickerson St.  If your nerves are still intact you will then have to weave your way across train tracks and industrial lots until you find the Ship Canal trail.

Or you can go west over the train tracks, head a half mile north to Emerson, and then a quarter-mile east.  That’s about  a mile detour to get to a point where you begin going east on the trail.  Once on the trail you will be able to begin enjoying your bike ride that finally is taking you where you wanted to go a long time ago.

The Long Way Around

What a hassle and inconvenience.  The Interbay Neighborhood Association is coming together to do something about it. Once  across Dravus on 16th Ave. W., bike riders and walkers can head straight north to the end of the road — 1/8 of a mile away with a handy link to the Ship Canal Trail.  Unfortunately, there is no trail there and is occasionally the home of a variety of folks living in tents.  That’s fine.  We can all get along, but not with a dirt trail that is strewn with litter and other things you don’t want to know about.

Of course, nobody in their right mind is going to take this route as it is.  The Seattle Bike Master Plan has always considered adding spur trails that provide safe and easy access to their bike super highways such as the Ship Canal Trail and Burke Gilman.  This is why the Interbay Neighborhood Association is writing and submitting grants to all possible avenues to acquire funding so that a fenced-in and well paved trail can cross the 75 yards under Nickerson and Emerson St to the Ship Canal Trail.  Seems like a no brainer, but funding is tight and the grants are competitive.

If this bike path can get built, car drivers will be thrilled with fewer chances of collision with bikes on Dravus, 15th Ave. W., and Nickerson.  Queen Anne, Interbay and Magnolia bike riders can get off the main arterials as quickly as possible.

If you would like to help make this path possible please write Bruce Wynn, Executive Director of the Interbay Neighborhood Association at  I will make sure you know how things are progressing and perhaps have you pitch the plan to those than can make this trail a reality.

Until then, take a virtual trip on the Ship Canal Trail and enjoy!

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